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21 March 2014

Nos Namajs "Theatre d'ombre"

Support Nos Namajs by purchasing their numbered handcrafted CD-R version, which is packed in a nice slim case, containing 3 original songs including an previously unreleased 48 minutes track and a 4-page booklet, dedicated by a member of the trio.

Nos namajs presents a real time performance for an invisible audience guiding an inner voyage where time transformes into space in which subjective impressions and images will be catalysed , with the single purpose of having a good time out of time so we can leave this experience fresh.

1. Clair Obscur  15'30''
2. Theatre d'ombre  16'16''
3. L'envers du décors (bonus track)  47'54''

Henry Koek - woodwinds, voice, singing bowls, percussions
Christophe Meulien - guitar, effects, voice
Darius - electric upright bass, objects
cover art by Pablo Miranzo.

Numbered CD-r + shipping

10 February 2014

Diary of a dissident

LP released with HAZE Netlabel (Minsk, Belarus).

1. Cut throught the fog
2. Freedom is an intuition
3. The barricades
4. Fool's game
5. Like a rat in a golden cage
6. New land, new hope

Frank Wilke - horns
Stanislav Bobrytskyy - piano
André D. (aka Darius) - bass
Henner Gräf - drums

More info and free download at

6 February 2014

Nos Namajs

Nos Namajs is on Facebook and Soundcloud !!!
inspired by shaman spirits, the music of this European free improv trio is a gateway to a fascinating and intriguing dream-like world. check it out !

Nos Namajs are:
Henry Koek - woodwind, voice, objects
Christophe Meulien - guitar, voice, effects
Darius (alias André D.) - bass, eub, objects

31 January 2014

Vertical theory

EP released with La Bél netlabel (Roma, Italy).

Frank Wilke - trumpet, trombone, drums programming
André D. - electric bass, synthesizer, artwork

recorded in 2013.

more info at

30 December 2013

Ghost's Last Dance

Jesse Ricke / Christophe Meulien / André D.
LP released with Nowaki Music (Toulouse, France).

1. Souls and flowers  5'11
2. Schrödinger's cat  4'55
3. Ghost  8'06
4. G.O.D  3'57
5. Last dance  7'29

Jesse Ricke - guitars, effects, vocal on "last dance"
Christophe Meulien - keyboards, electronics, ipad drums
André D. - bass, ebow, objects, voice on "ghost"

recorded in New-York and south of France. 2013.

Photography : Déclic Pholiotte (
Design : Marc Jolibois

Listen and download this album from Nowaki Music.
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